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As per our slogan, we are always improving for you. Everyday, we learn about new fish, technique, and presentation. We are inviting you to join our Omakase (chef choice) course @Honshu bar to proof it. We will serve you the best part from the great catch with carefully technique and fancy presentation. The result? You may expect variety texture, flavor, and experience in every bites, not every dish. You will try unusual type of fish that some of them are imported directly from Tsukiji fish market, Japan.

Reservation is highly recommended. None of fish parts taste the same and have the same texture. We will keep the best part for you who reserves this course.

Below is the sample of the fish that we have served in our restaurant before.

Aodai 青鯛 Blue Snapper

A very delicate and medium fatty white fish. While it is popular in Japan, we may get them rarely because the preparation. This fish is wild from Kouchi or Kagoshima.

Akami 赤身 lean tuna

Is it just regular tuna? Wrong. Best lean tuna is very tasty and tender. Sometimes, Honshu chef plays with lean tuna.Marinate, quick-seared, dry-marinate, dry-age, wet-age best lean tuna. The taste? You have to proof it.

Akoudai 赤魚鯛 Red Rockfish

Japanese call this fish also as Akou or Menuke. With very bright red skin, this fish only live in the southern Japan deep sea. This fish has high fat content and extremely tender. Only available in winter time.

Kamasu 梭魚 Barracuda

Don't judge the name. It is not the monster fish. This baracuda is baby barracuda. Yes, it is very aggressive predator as you know. She can swim much faster than your car. This fish has less fat, slightly crunchy. In Honshu, we serve it as rare, torch them or smoke them.

Kinmedai 金目鯛 Golden Eye Snapper

One of our favorite fish. Large eyes & very bright skin from the deep ocean. We only serve this fish when she is mature, about 10 years old or more. Only available when it is cold. Plenty of fat, less fishy but tasty, tender, soft. The meat is savory even without sauce. Click here for more information.

Sanma 秋刀魚 Pike Mackerel

It is called also as Pacific saury or sword fish. Sanma is Autumn fish from Shizuoka. It has a great protein, soft, medium fat, but sweet. It is a little fishy and rich flavor. But it is a favorite fish in Japan. This fish must be served when it is fresh, otherwise, it will be very fishy. Click here for more information.

Tobiuo 飛魚 Flying fish

The producer of tobiko - the favorite micro egg that you eat regularly. It challenges your chef to prepare. The meat is rich, less fat, delivate, medium soft, very light, but it has interesting savory flavor.

Kuromutsu 黒鱫 Japanese Blue Fish

Kuromutsu live in between southern Korea to northern Taiwan. This fish can live in shoreline to deep ocean. The meat is well-done marbled white meat, "easy" flavor, little oily, medium to soft texture. It is winter fish. Click here for more information.

Kohada 小肌 Gizzard Shad

One of "must have" in Japanese edomae style sushi. One of the most expensive fish in Japan & US. It can reach $150/lb in wholesale market. Very rare & hard to be prepared. It requires more attention to prepare. Citrushy hint, medium soft, a little crunchy and slightly fishy. Click here for more information.

Isaki 伊佐木 Grunt fish

Year around fish, but exclusive fish from Oita, Nagasaki & Kouchi only. Hiding near the rock. It has very light, delicate flavor, high fat content, hint of sweetness. Great for white fish lover. Click here for more information.

Shima Aji シマアジ Stripped Jack

Shima Aji normally swim in schools in southern Japan. One of the most expensive fish from Jackfish family. Taste is slightly similar to yellowtail; meaty, smooth, rich, but slightly crunchier than yellowtail. Rich and slightly oilly. Great to try.

Kanpachi カンパチ Amber Jack

One of yellowtail family. It has delicate taste, less oily, soft, meaty, easy to chew and rich. Sometimes, it has stronger fishy smell. Click here for more information.

Sayori サヨリ Needle fish / Halfbeak

Live in coastline of Japan. It is a school fish and live close to the top of water. It is spring fish. However, it is available anytime. The meat is slightly firm, clean, a little fishy smell, medium to light falvor. Click here for more information.

Aji 鯵 Jack fish

It is named also as Atlantic Horse Mackerel. The meat is tender, slightly crunchy, meaty, moderate fishy, but it is great and delicate fish. Click here for more information.

Bonito カツオ Bonito

One is our favorite fish. It is not a baby tuna as everyone said. Bonito live in warm water. The season is March to October. It has a great soft to very soft meat, slighlty savory taste, bold, and very flavorful. Click here for more information.

Toro トロ Tuna Belly

We serve our toro in many part; chu-toro (medium fatty), oo toro (very fatty), noten toro (head part), kama toro (back cheek part), hoho-niku (cheek) or other. We are serving only blue fin and big eye toro only which we think they have better flavor. Each toro has different texture, flavor, oil content and fishy degree. Don't worry, fish oil content is good for our body. Imagine as eating fish oil capsule in natural way.

Sake Toro 鮭トロ Salmon Belly

We are using only Atlantic or Scottish King Salmon belly. It has great Omega3 content, fatty oily texture, soft, and much richer flavor than regular salmon meat.

Maiwashi 真鰯 Japanese Sardine

Japanese sarine is unique. No fishy smell - it is unexpected. Very tasty meat, flavorful and medium firm meat. Skin add great texture for sushi. Japanese sardine has slightly sweet oily meat. Click here for more information.

Masuno Sake 鱒の介 Alaskan King Salmon

Even Japanese said that Alaskan King Salmon is the best. The meat is firm to medium texture, high oil content taste, rich and very delicate meat. Click here for more information.

Mejiro 目白 Young Yellowtail

Love yellowtail flavor? You must not skip young yellowtail. It is softer, more delicate and flavorful compare to regular yellowtail.

Sawara 鰆 Spanish Mackerel

This fish proofs that not all mackerel are fishy. Sawara is tender, less fishy, melt and very tasty. The silver skin may add additional texture to the meat. Click here for more information.

Onikasago 鬼笠子 Devil Scorpion fish

We got them once. It is unbelivable challenging to prepare. The meat has interesting flavor; meaty, but very fishy. It is a great try for sushi expert because it is unique fish that live in very deep sea.

Uni 雲丹 Sea Urchin

Either you love it OR hate it. Our sea urchin may come in live with the shell, or prepared. We got many sea urchin; Hokaido, Maine, Santa Barbara California, Chille, and other. We can say that each sea urchin has different taste, texture, sweetness content, and creamy degree. It depends on your preference.

There are many more fish which shipped directly from Japan, daily or weekly that we have not write down or explain them in here. Sometimes, we will post them in our facebook on the day we receive it. Be our friend to get the newest information.
Reserve our Omakase today and you will experience the unique dining experience in every bites.