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● All sushi entreè come with soup ●
● All sashimi entreès come with soup and rice ●
● no substitutions allowed ●

    Assorted sashimi over rice

    Salmon, salmon & salmon | salmon roe over rice

    Slices fresh tuna over rice

    Slices fresh-water eel over rice

    Sashimi Dinner
    18 pcs assorted sashimi | rice on the side

    Sushi Garden   
    6 pcs of vegetables sushi | Garden roll

    Sushi Lover
    16 pcs of assorted sushi (2 pcs each) | Spring Bag roll | Dragon roll

    Sushi Dinner   
    9 pieces sushi | Tuna roll

    Sushi-Sashimi Combo for 1   
    7 pcs of assorted sashimi | 5 pcs of assorted sushi | Tuna roll

    Sushi-Sashimi Combo for 2
    12 pcs of assorted sashimi | 10 pcs of assorted sushi | Dragon roll | Spicy Tuna roll

    Ookawa Combo
    California roll | Eel roll | Salmon avocado roll

    Otsu Combo  
    Spicy california roll | Sspicy tuna roll | Spicy salmon roll

    Zen Combo 
    Avocado roll | Mango roll | AAC (Avocado, Asparagus, Cucumber) roll

    Rainbow Combo
    Tuna roll | Salmon roll | California roll

    Sosaku Sushi
    Chef choice special fish

    Sosaku Sashimi  
    Chef choice special fish | rice on the side



   Tempura, Choice of :

   Teriyaki, Choice of :
          .Shrimp OR Scallop 

    Katsu, “Japanese deep fried”, Choice of :

    Katsu-don, “Japanese deep fried” over rice, Choice of :
            .Chicken   .                  

//KITCHEN SPECIAL ENTREE ~ Dining ONLY, no take out/delivery

    Pan Roasted Duck Breast  
    Pan roasted duck breast | sauteed baby bok choy | basil sauce

    Tokyo Rib Eye 
    12 oz akadashi miso marinated rib eye | steamed brocolli | shiso chimichurri

    Chillean Seabass
    Pan roasted chillean seabass | sauteed bok choy | yuzu miso sauce | crispy noodle

    Miso Scottish Salmon
    Grilled miso scottish salmon | black rice | asparagus-basil sauce

    Grilled Tuna Steak
    Grilled spicy ahi-tuna | mango salsa | wasabi cream sauce

Food may contain shell fish, peanut, milk and the other ingredients.
Please do not hesitate to ask your server for further assistance.

Every effort is made to keep our menu items and prices current however occasional disparities may happen.
Price subject to change without notice.