Miso soup
Soy bean broth | tofu | scallion | seaweed

Nameko Miso soup
“nameko” mushroom | tofu | scallion | miso broth

Clear Soup
Bonito broth | mushroom | spinach | fish cake

Kabocha “squash” soup
Special creamy HONSHU seafood soup

Seafood soup
Mixed seafood | white fish broth

Garden Salad
green vegetables | ginger dressing

Seaweed Salad
green seaweed salad | sesame dressing

Crab-meat Salad
crabmeat | cucumber | bean sprout | tobiko | Japanese mayonnaise

Fried Ika Salad
fried squid | mixed baby green | garlic-ponzu sauce

Salmon Skin Salad
fried salmon skin | cucumber | kaiware | mixed baby green | mizu dressing

Tuna Salad
Fresh tuna | mixed green | sour-sweet garlic dressing

Asian Pear
Pear | Arugula | Aged Parmesan | Roasted Sesame Dressing












Food may contain shell fish, peanut, milk and the other ingredients.
Please do not hesitate to ask your server for further assistance.

Every effort is made to keep our menu items and prices current however occasional disparities may happen.
Price subject to change without notice.